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Even local shops are running away from the triple-digit heat. Photo credit to Manali Chavan.

By Manali Chavan
Web Master

The days are longer, the temperature is higher, and the hustle and bustle of campus life has finally died down. It’s officially summer.

However, for a number of ASU students who attend the downtown Phoenix campus, school is far from being over. They may come in small numbers, but these students are greatly affected by the summer changes their community makes.

For some, the changes made around the campus are felt only minimally; summer camps and part time jobs attract people to the campus for a short time. ASU student Rebecca Young leaves the campus at 4 p.m. and doesn’t seem bothered by the time changes business have made for the summer.

“If [businesses] are not making money then I think it’s okay,” Young said. “As long as I can get lunch here, I’m fine.”

Many restaurants and local stores have either closed for the summer or shortened their hours.

“There’s a grocery store in Taylor Place that closes for the summer,” ASU student Marina Beach said. “There aren’t many grocery stores around here in the first place so that can make things difficult for students who stay here during the summer.”

Although there is still a large population on campus over the summer, most businesses would end up losing revenue if they kept their normal hours.

“We have a significant drop in sales once summer starts,” Starbucks manager Melody Mitchell said.

During the school year, businesses such as Starbucks are filled from corner to corner with customers. However, that doesn’t mean their stores are empty during the summer.

“We usually have a rush between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and noon to 2 p.m,” Mitchell said. “Plus we have summer camps and summer school students that bring in a lot of business.”

Although the downtown Phoenix campus isn’t the same during the summer, it still offers the same sense of security as it would during the school year.

“The downtown campus has really good security,” Mitchell said. “Plus there are the blue boxes around campus that you can use if there’s ever any trouble.”

The shortened business hours and lack of activity on campus are negatives to staying at the ASU downtown Phoenix campus, but it doesn’t make living here unbearable.

Reach the reporter at mchavan01@yahoo.com or via Twitter @manalichavan72


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