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Smoking Ban Causes Scandal at ASU Campuses

Community Editor
 Arizona State University has announced that, beginning August 1st, it will ban tobacco use.Many students have become outraged. Some of them have even gone as far as to create a Facebook page titled, “10,000 ASU Students Against the Smoking Ban.” Through the page, those who support the Ban and those who do not, discuss the topic at hand and promote petitions for a repeal of the ban.
 The administrators of the controversial Facebook page have even informed ASU students about the time and places for protests. In the past they have posted statuses reading, “ An event protesting the ban is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th 9:00-2.00pm.”
10,00 ASU students against the smoking ban

10,00 ASU students against the smoking ban

Christian Vicera, currently  an ASU student at the Tempe campus says, “the smoking ban on campus is a great idea!” He thinks it would,” promote health…” and would help non-smokers,”stay away from the habit (smoking).” Christian also says the smoking ban is great for people (students) like him,” that don’t smoke and wont be exposed to the second hand smoke.”The ban could even change the minds of high school students planning on attending ASU.
Veronica Ayala, a high school senior at Carl Hayden High School, is surprised that the university is taking such a drastic measure. She considers herself to be many of the young people who are liberals and says she thinks,”it (the smoking ban)could be a positive thing but they shouldn’t have done it because its up to us what we put in our bodies. At the most they should’ve just put certain spots where smoking isn’t prohibited.”
Many students also agree with the idea of certain areas being smoking-free or designating certain areas as a smoking area.
ASU students have definitely formed an opinion regarding the prohibition on smoking. Some are for the ban and some are against but one thing is for sure: they will let their thoughts be heard from campus to campus, arising though social media networks and protests.
The Ban will begin on August 1st…but will the students comply?
Reach the reporter at fanna14@yahoo.com or via Twitter @aaannnuuhhh

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