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Cronkite Recruiting


By Jacob Arce
Sports Editor

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication uses its aesthetic appeal, state-of-the-art technology and rigorous high school outreach journalism programs to recruit students across the nation.

Outreach Director for Cronkite Elizabeth Smith said that the Cronkite building is an advanced building compared to their competitors like Northwestern, Indiana, and Columbia University.

“It sort of is like the Taj Mahal of journalism schools,” Smith said. “We really do have the best outfitted journalism building compared to other schools.”

The school is partnered with Public Broadcast Service, Fox Sports Arizona, and KBAQ.

Dominic Cotroneo, an ASU Broadcast student, said that the Cronkite School is the one of the best in the nation.  “The school itself is one of the best, not only in the West but potentially in the nation,” he said. “It (the Cronkite building) is really state-of-the-art.”

Cronkite uses Apple© products and technology such as HD desktops. It also provides professional programs, such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Bridge to go along with the editing bays and studios. Smith said that professionals who have been to Cronkite say the students are spoiled because most newsrooms are not this well equipped.

Along with providing advanced technology to its students and faculty, the Cronkite School reaches out to high school students nationwide as an effort to recruit future journalists. Director of High School Journalism Programs Anita Luera said, “I get to go out to high school[s] and talk to the students about journalism and the kind of careers it can lead to and talk about the education offered here at Cronkite.”

Anita Luera runs special programs for high school students such as Arizona Latino Media Association (ALMA) and the Summer Journalism Institute (SJI).

SJI allows high school students nationwide to be in a journalism atmosphere for a two-week period. Within the two weeks, high school students learn the basics of photography, videography and the ethics of being a journalist.

“Getting thrown into the fire which is what you do here at SJI and really pushing yourself, you can start to realize you can do things you never thought were possible,” Cotroneo said. “SJI showed me that I could really see myself at Cronkite in the future working hard day-in and day-out, doing what I have to do to produce a newscast.”

Reach the reporter at jj.arce40@gmail.com or via Twitter @jj_arce96


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