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Campus Crime Remains at a Minimum

Emergency buttons available 24/7 for police help

Emergency buttons available 24/7 for police help

by Emily Liu
Co-Editor in Chief

Though Arizona State University (ASU) in Downtown Phoenix may not be free of crime, the security of the school is immense, with police around 24/7 for emergencies.

Campus crime records released on ASU’s website reveal that it is not uncommon for Tempe campus crimes alone to exceed 25 crimes a month. These incidents often include alcohol, but more commonly center on stealing.

“There’s a lot of bike theft,” explained Jacques Kapelemba, a senior at Walter Cronkite.

While Phoenix may often be a common location for reporters to find stories on drastic criminal activities, downtown ASU creates a secure feeling for students.

Speaking on the presence of campus police, sophomore Miguel Otárola stated, “You feel warm knowing they are around, ready to be in your line of defense against anything that might come your way.”

Still, there have been security breaches within in the Downtown Phoenix school. Last year, a man wearing a crown, black face paint, and a dark robe managed to pass Taylor Place security.

Crime logs also show that the disposition of thefts are often pending, rather than cleared by arrest.

But Otárola insists that the constantly available police force makes a relatively safe campus, even if no area can be completely free of crime.

“The combination of police outside and security guards inside the building always makes me seem safe,” the sophomore said. “I worry more about the women that live here, having to live with a lot of creeps in the area. Then again, there are creeps everywhere.”

Kapelemba believes that the availability of campus police is not the only factor in creating the feeling of a secure campus.

“Everyone around here has a given admission, so they have their own goals in a friendly place,” he said.

With officers around for protection 24/7, the odds are that the current minor issues may be the worst crime will get on the Walter Cronkite campus.

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