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Sparky’s New Look Unveiled


By Jacob Arce
Sports Editor

To change or not to change is what most people are wondering at Arizona State University (ASU) about the look of the school’s mascot.

Sparky the Sun Devil received a makeover in March of 2013, which caused students to have mixed feelings about its new look.

“I think [Sparky’s new look] looks creepy,” said Niamey Thomas, an ASU communication student. “The older one was better and cooler.”

The negative feedback from the alumni, staff, community and the student body pressured the university to rethink the design.

ASU first created the new Sparky with Disney, but opponents thought it was too modern.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” said Chet Gole, a broadcast student. “They brought in Disney and it took away from the tradition.”

When the new Sparky was presented to the public there was resistance, and the university opted to allow the alumni, staff, Sun Devil Club members, season ticket holders, donors and the students to vote on four head designs.

More than 17,000 people voted and 55 percent of the group chose the second option, according to the Associated Press. In May of 2013 the winning image was unveiled and the new Sparky has round eyes and an open smile showing full teeth.

The sparky logo located in Taylor Place cafeteria

The sparky logo located in Taylor Place cafeteria

Gole said the revamped mascot is perfect.

“The new Sparky is the same as the old one, but just updated,” he said.

Since Sparky’s creation in 1946 by Disney artist Berk Anthony, the mascot has undergone more than a dozen changes, but some are still not satisfied.

Ana Arias, a double major student of psychology and social work, said she prefers the Sparky of 2012.

“I like Sparky,” she said. “They should leave the old one.”

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