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High School Quarterback Jordan Gungl Ranked Sixth in State


By Erica Apodaca
A&E Editor

Jordan Gungl, a senior attending Apollo High School, is ranked sixth in the state for high school quarterbacks. He is the starting quarterback on the varsity squad and has lead the Apollo Hawks to state playoffs as well as helped them obtain a record of 10-2 during the regular season.

Nico Bayless, Gungl’s best friend and the 62nd overall prospect for high school football, spoke his praise for his quarterback.

“He came in and has provided us with a good throwing quarterback that we haven’t really had before and he’s broken a lot of records and I think he should do real well again this year,” he said.“I’m hoping we go all the way. We just have to take it one game at a time. I’m kind of excited to see how it will all come together, but I think we’ll go far and do real well.”

Gungl himself has a plan he intends to follow. He plans to fulfill Bayless’ hopes and lead the Hawks to the state championship. After winning a state championship, he plans to attend ASU and continue to play as the quarterback.

The pocket passer says that, when playing, he is overcome with an unknown source of strength in which he uses to his advantage when running the ball and in escaping sacks.

Bayless knows how difficult it would be to win without Gungl.

“I definitely think that we would have been a less balanced team,” he said.

Gungl has created a great bond with his teammates.

“They really complemented each other and if he wasn’t there I’m not sure [the other players] would have played as big of a role as they did last year,” Bayless said.

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