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Unique Artwork Lights Up the Night



Her secret is Patience

Her secret is Patience

By Bryce Patterson
Staff Photographer

The Jellyfish…The Tornado…The Mushroom. These are the infamous nicknames of the sculpture, ‘Her Secret is Patience’ located at Civic Space Park in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

During the daytime, this sculpture lies tied to poles and covered in color-less netting. However, during the dark hours of the night, this bland piece of art transforms into a huge, bright and floating wonder.

‘Her Secret is Patience’ is a piece of art designed by Janet Echelman, an artist from Boston, Massachusetts.

With a pricey cost of 2.5 million dollars, ‘Her Secret is Patience’ was built in April of 2009. This piece of art was made to promote the opening of a new two block wide park in downtown Phoenix, Civic Space Park.

To many, ‘Her Secret is Patience’ is known as a waste of money because during the daytime, all the public sees is a bland sculpture that aesthetically, has no appeal.

Since the piece’s completion in 2009, Echelman has won four awards for her work of art including the 2009 Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Public Art” from the Phoenix New Times. Three towers that are up to 145’ tall support the structure, built by CAID Industries. ‘Her Secret Is Patience’ is built to withstand the heavy monsoon winds in the summertime.

‘Her Secret Is Patience’ was given the nickname ‘Sky Bloom’ during its production. According to Echelman’s sculpture fact document, Echelman was “mesmerized by the broad, open sky that seemed to stretch endlessly.”

The net dimensions of ‘Her Secret Is Patience’ reaches from approximately 15 feet to 100 feet and its height ranges from 38 feet off the ground up to 100 feet. One-and-a half-inch thick wires hold up the entire floating piece of art.

The materials used to create this unique art sculpture include colored lighting using computer programing and galvanized steel.

Reach the reporter at brycep1996@gmail.com or via Twitter @BrycePatts


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