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Local Restaurant Brings Unique Twist to Dining


By Emily Liu

Within the boundaries of CityScape, Chloe’s Corner sits on the side of Central Avenue with a bold sign proclaiming its presence. Walking inside, an individual can see the carefully designed restaurant, with a small retail store on the side.

The eatery, which was originally located in Scottsdale, first opened in Phoenix during January of 2012, according to Phoenix New Times. It offers anything from vintage candies and a salad bar, to beer and wine.

But Chloe’s Corner is most often known for its 50-cent coffees.

“The coffee market is kind of saturated with overcharging people four dollars for a cup of coffee,” general manager Lisa Banish said, when asked why the restaurant chose not to make a bigger profit out of the drink.

Banish also stated that the coffee offered was “local and mostly organic,” making it a cheap and healthy choice.

As word spread over time about Chloe’s Corner, the restaurant increased its amount of guests quickly.

“I watched it go from nothing to nowhere to sit at lunchtime,” the general manager spoke.

Though the business has grown immensely since the beginning, Chloe’s Corner is still in a struggle to expand.

“The good thing about CityScape is that it is drawing people in downtown, but there still isn’t quite enough going on,” Banish stated. “I feel like we only have the Monday through Friday business because that’s all it is downtown, so we’re trying to branch out. We’re trying to get people down here on the weekends.”

Chloe’s Corner allows customers to experience a whole new dining experience, with unique features that few other restaurants match.

Reach the reporter at em14388@gmail.com or via Twitter @emilyliu88


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