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Generation Preservation


By Cecilia Lazarin

Multimedia Reporter

With many modern developments rising in downtown Phoenix, Ariz., the idea of preserving the city comes to mind.

With buildings, such as University Banking Center and The Y@ASU, historical buildings like the Westward Ho,  Growing up near Phoenix, Arizona, one can see a numerous amount of changes to the city.  In downtown Phoenix today, there are several new developments taking place; some of which include the addition of University Center Banking Center and The Y@ASU. However, as the years have passed, one of the many issues that may come to mind is preserving the history of Phoenix.

Downtown Phoenix is packed with historical buildings such as the Post Office and Monroe School.  The remaining buildings, pictures, and historical landmarks represent the history of Phoenix. Many are now raiding the question of how to preserve the history of Phoenix through these buildings.

Dennis McGarry in his room at the Westward Ho.

Current Resident of The Westward Ho, which is now subsidized housing complex, Dennis McGarry, said in an interview, “In the last 15 yeas, Downtown Phoenix has gone through a total transformation . . . at the time I came here, in 2000, Downtown Phoenix was a ghost town.” He goes on to mention how the movement of ASU’s many campuses to Downtown Phoenix brought many new people to Phoenix.

McGarry continues saying that the addition of many new venues and the light rail are bringing more and more people to the city.  However, when McGarry was asked how he felt about the efforts that the city has done to help preserve the historical aspects of the city he said, “We can always do more work . . . I like the way they’re expanding the YMCA, but they need to keep doing that.” He hopes to one day see the professional building near Chase Field restored, or even remolded for future use.

Another person who commented on the historical preservation in Phoenix was Steven Rosenstein, Co-founder of The Duce, an old warehouse located on Central Avenue in the Warehouse District of Phoenix.  Steven, native to Chicago, came to Arizona 10 years ago, with his wife Andi, seeking a way to find a connection to home.

Living in Scottsdale, Steve says that he turned to this building to help bring back home.  When asked how he felt about the historical preservation of Phoenix he mentioned, “Citizens need to embrace the historical elements of the city.” He believes that citizens should follow his role in helping to preserve the history of this major city.

New building in the process next to YMCA

New building in the process next to YMCA

Reach the reporter at csaenz4001124@gmail.com or via Twitter @cecilia_lazarin



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