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Downtown Phoenix is no stranger to the world of Arts and Entertainment. The walls themselves are covered in expressive art with bright colors and shocking images. Although there is a movie theatre in the downtown area, students and teachers alike, still attend theatre productions.
But who is organizing these theatrical shows? One of the many would be New Carpa Theatre’s James Edward Garcia.  He not only founded the company but also participates as an actor and playwright frequently using ASU’s Wells Fargo Arena as a rehearsal space.
James Garcia as an actor in a play he produced and wrote.

James Garcia as an actor in a play he produced and wrote.

James’ educational career began at Austin Community College, Indiana University (as a correspondent student), and the University of Texas where he earned his bachelors degree. However, it was at Arizona State University where he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing.
His skill with words soon pushed him to be a playwright. He created the New Carpa Theatre Company which he says showcases performances, “all over the valley.” One of the places where New Carpa Theatre Stage Plays are performed frequently, would be  “Playhouse on the Park.” Which is a theatre supported by the company Phoenix Theatre. New Carpa Theatre performs both matinees and night shows at “Playhouse on the Park” and usually receives good audiences.
As of now, he has 4-5 plays in the works including the humorous play: “Everything you ever wanted to know about the culture wars and were too afraid to ask.” In the fall, he plans to feature a play named,” Mighty Vandals” and also begin rehearsals for his yearly Christmas show, “Pastorela” which combines political conflicts or pop culture trends in contemporary settings. He is planning to perform the stage play, “Hamlet” in either March or April. James Garcia will produce two versions of the play, one of them the original version and the other a modern version.
Garcia’s vision is to encourage new play development in Phoenix.
Reach the reporter at fanna14@yahoo.com or via Twitter @aaannnuuhhh

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