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Revealing Revolver Records


By Celest Lopez
Social Media Editor

PHOENIX – Revolver Records offers classic to modern vinyl to used CDs. People new to the music culture may discover the music lover inside them as the store provides a second home to those already knee-deep into the music scene.

This past March, a second location opened in Tempe.

The Arizona State University student population in Tempe led to this choice in location.

“There’s a whole other music scene in Tempe,” said Jared Cox, manager of the Phoenix location. “We get a ton of students from ASU.”

As the business outgrew its location, co-owners decided to expand their business into Tempe.

Before its now-Tempe and Phoenix location, Revolver Records originally thrived in a small home in the Melrose District of Arizona having been started by TJ Jordan and Steve Zimmerman in 2007.

Melrose District offered Revolver Records foot traffic (the amount of people that walk through the area) and a district full of art, similar to what its Phoenix location offers it.

In 2009, the business moved to Roosevelt Row District because the business outgrew the Melrose location.

Both owners enjoyed the downtown setting as their business thrived at the center of First Friday, a monthly art walk on Roosevelt Avenue in downtown Phoenix.

“It seemed like a no brainer to move there at the time,” Cox said.

Before Revolver Records started, Jordan worked in another record store in the Valley where his and customer Zimmerman’s friendship formed.

Their friendship evolved into what Revolver Records is today.

Reach the reporter at celest593@gmail.com or via Twitter @CelestLopez593


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