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By Erica Apodaca
A&E Editor

Billie Holiday lyric on the wall of Revolver records. Painted by Roy Sproule

Billie Holiday lyric on the wall of Revolver records. Painted by Roy Sproule

Paintings, once known as graffiti, are now considered the “oldest way to communicate with the community.” Street art is now portrayed as a benefit to the community and businesses. Not only is it used to attract tourists and customers, like at the MonOrchid, but it is also used as an advertisement and branding label, like at Revolver Records.

Street art is simply the public display of any type of art on a building, business or wall. These urban developments, which were once viewed as territorial trademarks, have slowly worked their way into the society.

Brian Boner, a famous artist, feels, “If the work is intentional, honest and takes into consideration that there will be a massively diverse audience to see it, then it’s usually successful.”

He then furthers his explanation with, “If you put something beautiful on a wall where it is not wanted then it usually won’t last.”

Both Jerrod, the manager of Revolver Records, and the owner, Wayne Rainey, have the need to promote business and attract the eyes of the people in Phoenix and visitors to the area by using street murals.

The “Winged Flight” mural painted on the MonOrchid, by Brian Boner, was based off of what the owner, Wayne Rainey, had photographed in Buckeye. The painting is simply what seems to be a flock of birds taking flight for the first time. This symbolizes, “the release of the flock,” or rather Raineys’ personal “dream of being an artist.”

Artist Brian Boner stated, “It’s more about being different and finding a voice that you feel describes your unique business. If that includes art or a unique architectural feature, then that’s your  voice, but if you feel you have to try and stand out, and that’s sometimes where the art can give you and advantage.”

The mural on Revolver Records was painted and designed by Roy Sproule in 2010. It is famous to photographers and bands, who use the painting of the Billie Holiday lyric as their focal point.

All in all, the past look on street art has changed dramatically into the oldest way to communicate with others and unite the human mind with beauty in what was once considered as graffiti.

Reach the reporter at EMApodaca2015SMK@gmail.com or via Twitter @1014erica


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