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Soymilk and Skepticism

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Post by: Andrea Charcas

A few months ago, my parents and my siblings persuaded me to apply to the Walter Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute. A few weeks later, I triumphantly discovered I was accepted. I was definitely interested in journalism, but I was a bit skeptical.

Although my parents tried their best to console me on the car ride to the institute, I still felt butterflies in my stomach. What if the other students were more experienced than me? What if I couldn’t handle the work load? What if I didn’t make any friends?

Questions relentlessly plagued me, but I instantly felt better when I met the other students. They were just as nervous as me. I clicked with a few girls, and even though I have only known them for less than twenty-four hours, I can tell that we’re going to be great friends.


In terms of the food, it was actually pretty good, considering I had low expectations reminiscent of elementary school Meatless Mondays. To add to my delight, I could swear that I heard a chorus of angels sing “Hallelujah!” when I saw the chocolate and vanilla soymilk dispensers. At least I know that if the program goes downhill, I can count on a glass of chocolate soymilk and a brownie to get me through it.


I’m still not exactly sure what to expect these next two weeks, but after the success of the first day, I feel ready to tackle this program head-on. I really enjoy being treated like a college student, complete with dorms, schedules of classes, designated meal times, and fancy ID cards. I’m sure that however these next two weeks turn out, I will emerge with useful skills to maneuver in the world of journalism and fantastic friends.

Day one, done.


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