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Posted by: Erin O’Neill

On the first day, I found out that I won the unofficial prize for the person who lives the farthest away. East coast represent! (I live in York, Pennsylvania). Also on the first day, we attended a news conference with former Senator Jon Kyl. Politics are not my expertise, but I learned a lot. It was really interesting to see what was the news here compared to the east coast. For example, immigration was the biggest topic that the Senator had to deal with. Yes, we do mention it in Pennsylvania, but it is not near as big of a deal as it is in Arizona (being on the border of Mexico). Kyl also talked about the different media news conferences that happened frequently when he was Senator. It was more of a relaxed setting than I would imagine if it was with big-name reporters and photographers.

Interview with Jon Kyl | Photo by Emily Liu

Interview with Jon Kyl | Photo by Emily Liu

The closest I have been to a news conference was in journalism class when we did a fake interview with the editors. Interviewing a major politician was really exciting, and pretty nerve-wracking, especially on the first day. The most famous person I interviewed was…well…probably the manager of Sweet Frog. Yeah. Goes to show you how exciting York, Pa can really be.

The icebreakers were really fun, and it was neat to get to know some of the other people that I am going to be working with for the next two weeks. It is really interesting, because in journalism, there are people who have different commitments in the paper. But here, everyone has the greatest commitment to something in their school. Most everyone is some kind of Editor-in-Chief, or leader in the newspaper or yearbook.

Oh and I was dragged into the twitter life (so if you want to, follow me @ONErin_) I hope to get better at using this important social media tool. It is such a big deal in the journalism world, and I hope I can use it well.



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